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TAW-TAR-LKE position review

Before I put out my next tip I want to review our current 3 open positions

ASX just the tip

October 12 · Issue #7 · View online
ASX just the tip -Companies I am buying and my reasons for doing so.

Before I put out my next tip I want to review our current 3 open positions

So quite a few people have e-mailed me asking me have I stopped doing tips? 
No I haven’t stopped I will not stop, I am just not going to spam out tips for the sake of spamming out tips, I don’t want this to be some 500 tips blog, throwing shit at a wall hoping some sticks.
I want this to be one shot one kill every tip makes money if the reader listens.
So to the review first is TAR this was a rushed tip as I thought acquisition was imminent which it was, but got caught out by peoples unwillingness to wait a whole 3 weeks!!! for the news to drop.

This is how I see the story so far.
Now under normal circumstance I would have probably called a sell on that announcement, but I think TAR is a strong hold for several reasons as we know Klaus is involved and daughter etc….

What new information do we have? well as part of this land deal Klaus will be getting 12 million shares in TAR, he now has alot of reasons to make sure TAR is a success this is the ground floor for him, he got his AVZ shares at 2 cents and sold them for 16 cents, this is his entry price and we got lower.
Whats my opinion on the acquisition? I think it’s a piece of nothing land an excuse to give Klaus 12 million shares, I am hoping TAR gets the manono extensions, AVZ picked up about 6 pieces of land before manono acquisition, I believe this is the beginning of the story not the end of it.
I recommend continue holding for 6 months and I just bought 7.1 cent shares myself this morning to back that up.
Next TAW
This tip has played out exactly as expected buy during accumulation period and wait for game changing news which they delivered.
Full disclosure here I sold 33% of my holding on JORC day even though it exceeded my expectations it was a chance for me to near free carry a very large holding for me which was my long term goal.
As for the rest I plan to continue holding to see better value in the long term I think TAW will consolidate now before pushing higher as February approaches.
My recommendation would be continue to hold till commissioning as there is plenty more to come in the long term, if that time frame is too long for you it’s already in healthy profit enjoy those profits.

Next is LKE
LKE was a simple tip buy and hold till they get permit to drill, we bought around 4.5 I think, it’s now around 7cents, with drilling starting I recommend a sell.
Why?With the whole weird AGY situation going on it’s bad timing for brine plays and Kachi is my least favorite of the two prospects, we already have a healthy profit so why take any risk seeing the drilling results? it might go well and send LKE soaring to the moon, but it’s not a risk I feel I need to take.
I will wait till Kachi results come in if they are good I will attempt to scramble back in for a trade, but if they are subpar I will use that event to hopefully once again secure a cheap seat for the wait for the Cauchari permit/drilling, Cauchari is a prospect I would hold for drilling. 

So quick summary 
1.TAR - hold
2.TAW - hold if long, sell if short
3.LKE - sell
Next tip I am writing now is for company called CLA it will be out today or tomorrow.
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