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ASX just the tip - portfolio update issue

No new tip in here, I just feel before putting out a new tip I think it's important to update on curr

ASX just the tip

November 28 · Issue #10 · View online
ASX just the tip -Companies I am buying and my reasons for doing so.

No new tip in here, I just feel before putting out a new tip I think it’s important to update on current state of play in active tips I don’t want to ignore those positions, call it abit of pre-tip.

I want to do a quick review of the 3 active tips have out
Only thing annoying me on TAR is Steinepreis selling recently poor form considering he got his shares for free, but when we consider the Eckhof group sold millions of AVZ at 16cents and millions TAW in the 20’s perhaps they just like selling cheap.
Recently the share price has accelerated is sth going on there? is it just flow down from AVZ the eckhof effect, who knows but something is at play, no news yet, I expect better than what they have showed so far, content to keep holding looking for better acquisition and a big exit in 2018.
Also motoring along nicely drilling has gone as expected management have performed inline with expectations, they went for something deeper I think thats irrelevant to the viability of the project personally, but they are trying to play it up.

Now I usually don’t pay too much attention to hotcopper, but I read a post and after having some discussion with people who know cobalt better than myself I feel highly concerned by two comments made at a meeting the company had with share holders, they are
Smaller JORC thats a resource estimate downgrade stated JORC expectation was 33-41Mt this is the first I have seen mentioned of 20Mt, I don’t eat company lines about they are declaring smaller resources by choice that 100% bullshi, something has not gone right with the drill out, so thats a concern for our trade.
Bigger issue is the delay of the met work this I really don’t like, copper-cobalt met work is a complicated issue one that isn’t my expertise I have talked to someone with more knowledge than myself and the answer was a long one, but the message was simple this project cannot afford any metallurgy issues the grades don’t support difficult expensive processing and high penalties.
Borg admitting he has been delaying the release this is a bad sign in my experience you only delay news for one reason it’s cause it ain’t good, I think CLA is a sell, potential met work bomb to drop anytime coupled with a JORC downgrade the risk reward ratio is now too high considering current share price.
I do however desperately want cobalt exposure moving into 2018 I have another company in my sights, but I haven’t finished doing my due diligence on it quite yet, will be tipping it shortly though as I think sulphide cobalt plays are 1000% the place to be in 2018.
Another strong performer since the tip.
Issue here is drilling when they drill I think they will do well, problem is I have now heard 3 drill dates from the chairman and yet we have not drilled on any of those dates, it’s quite disappointing I go out on a limb here trust this guy telling people this is a buy and he doesn’t deliver we did our job we bought supporting the company it’s time he does his.
I have free carried and abit my position on this one due to the Chairman continued failure to deliver on his own promises and timelines, fundamentally nothing has change though, if he ever drills I still believe it will deliver good results.
I will try to finish up and put out my new cobalt tip soon as possible. 
Cheers thunder54

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