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ASX just the tip - End of year position review


ASX just the tip

December 30 · Issue #12 · View online

ASX just the tip -Companies I am buying and my reasons for doing so.

I thought before end of 2018 I would update all my tip positions, how they performed for me, how they performed overall and a short summary of each company.
This is also good timing as I am working on my next tip which I hope to put out on Tuesday it’s a real doozy, I really want to start of 2018 same as we left 2017 all green.

First thing I put together is Overall performance of the stocks I picked this is from tip to the peak price, obviously some stocks low supply moved quick like NZC so probably more likely people paid low 20’s and some stocks like EPM was lots of supply, whatever the case of individual buys they all performed.
Now how did I do relative to the potential gains? big question right if you go on twitter everybody buys the bottom and sells the absolute top right?? every time right?? it’s easy right?? everyone is perfect right??
Fuck no anyone who continually claims that they sell tops is a pure wanker, I did abit better than those gains especially on TAW I made quite a few trades on it, but overall thats reality.
I know of several people who out performed me on my own tips and it’s the reason I stopped putting up sell prices, cause I didn’t want to hamper peoples gains, my sell targets overall were way too conservative.
But I am happy with my performance for one main reason my buys, I don’t look at anything on that list and think it was a shit buy I got lucky, I would buy any of those companies right now for the same price today, they were all good buys at those Market caps and thats my goal here good buys.
The only big regret I have is LKE I just wasn’t educated enough on the potential of brines at the time, something I have since worked alot on, won’t happen again.
Next quick summary of the companies just my current thoughts on how things went with the companies.
Thats all I have, so wishing a happy new year to all thank you for supporting and reading just the tip I have really enjoyed putting it together so far, I plan to keep this good thing we have going here right into 2018 and beyond, cheers guys.
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