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AQI results thoughts

AQI finally produced their results, made several calls and was assured January results were on track

ASX just the tip

February 17 · Issue #14 · View online
ASX just the tip -Companies I am buying and my reasons for doing so.

AQI finally produced their results, made several calls and was assured January results were on track a portion were being fast tracked blah blah, in the end didn’t happen.

So extension hole came in 89m @ 1g/t, on hotcopper there seemed to be some angst about the grade, for me being from a single hole from surface along strike from several holes with grades ranging 1.5 – 2.5 g/t, a single hole isn’t a problem, arguably the asx best golide RRL run 1.2g/t material at a $650 all in cost every quarter.
The issue I had with this hole is was the placement, why are we following up 57m @ 0.99g/t hole, when a 50m @ 2.47 g/t is sitting just along strike, I don’t understand that decision.
These companies have to learn you must put your best foot forward if you want to do well, sure it doesn’t matter in terms of ounces overall and it still proves there is depth sure, but in terms of headline 89m @ 1g/t vs 89m @ 2.4g/t that is going to elicit a completely different market response, companies need to consider these things more carefully if they want market attention and support.
Overall besides placement I was happy with the hole it proved there is thick deep gold potential on this property, which is a big deal to me if not the to the rest of the market.
The second significant result was the eastern extension
16m @ 1.4 g/t and 10.8m @ 1.2 first thing that struck me here is that both holes stopped short both intercepts are in gold at the end of the hole, that is extremely frustrating and is a big management error our 16m @ 1.4g/t was probably 30m @ 1.4g/t once again that is a big difference.
In exploration you don’t get second chances the amount of time they spent getting these results to see these kinds of errors on two holes drives me crazy.
Putting those aside some positives we see thick gold envelopes here of 25m @ .7g/t, 40m @ .7g/t and .40m @ 9 g/t this once again highlighting this ground has large scale gold potential. 
The 3 holes drilled there were exploration holes and two hit decent gold, look at the size of the ground disturbance in those workings they were drilled into we are talking kilometers of length and width here, these holes were not a failure to me.
Overall gold exploration is a difficult risky business, but these results are promising what we are looking for is a taste of what could be there.
For example compare to CDV their discovery holes.
Initial CDV holes were abit of a mixed bag nothing screams out 4Moz deposit to me, but it was a decent start for a few discovery holes.
I am not saying the eastern extension is a 4Moz deposit, but I am not saying it’s not either, to me this is gold exploration it’s how it is done, you only ever get risky bread crumbs till it’s trading halt time, then it’s too late.
I would like to see the eastern extension followed up with a fence of drill holes through the guts and some more exploration holes at other sample locations.
I do feel like alittle hard done by the results didn’t deserve such a reaction, but reality is AQI missed their date by a month and market went funky, deadlines matter.
So I am left with two options eat a loss move on or preserve till next round of drilling, I think the cash position should enable another round of drilling, so I want to see what additional targets and the eastern extension have to offer, I believe there is good potential for a major gold discovery, but time frame is blown out completely these guys are slow.
This is a first failure here and it stings pretty bad, I have been worried about these results for past few weeks as the market has tanked, but what can I do failed trades are inevitable, I am not going to give up at the first tough spot, just have to fight hard to not make them a regular occurrence.
One last thing anything I do put in here Hotcopper has asked me to ask people not to link back to here, we had alittle bit of an issue where they accused me of advertising on their site, when I asked them provide evidence of such actions they could not, but they told me I would have to pay an advertising fee to them cause people were linking my blog content, when I told them I was not willing to pay to provide them with my content, they immediately permanently banned me.
I made a reasonable offer to delink my hotcopper username from my blog separate them completely and tried to start posting under a new username instead on hotcopper, but my offer was ignored and new account banned, so they have made it clear I am not welcome there.
I myself don’t care if people share anything anywhere, but if you do post across any information please don’t link me as the source cause I really don’t care to have any more dealings those people.
Cheers T54

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