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A newsletter that is all over the place–just like its author

A newsletter that is all over the place–just like its author

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and newsletters| ThreeK



deadlines| ThreeK #30

you've all seen Tim Urban's Ted Talk on procrastination."you're the most productive at just before your deadlines"as an early-stage procrastinator.all i see is a solid excuse to put off my work till the last day.the problem:"well no point starting now, i won'…


kinda difficult| ThreeK #29

worry and winsworry: deadline urgencywins self-assurance and (reflecting on past wins) "yeah i've done it before, i can do it again"..these are the 2 key items you need to possess to unlock "getting shit done"a deadline gives direction and is pretty much the …


kinda pretty| ThreeK #28

"hey preethi, write something and send it to me""send what?" she asked"anything, really! i'll bastardize and use it in my newsletter""cool, i see nothing wrong with that".hook line and sinker—it was plagiarism, but bolder (and with lesser steps)but i made a s…


sleep| ThreeK #27

i have a terrible sleeping habit, and by habit i mean, i have none.there have been days where i have simply skipped out on sleeping. days i've only gotten 6 hours of sleep--in 2 daysand also days where my 'good mornings' have started at 3pm..this is not a bad…


moodboard for writers?| ThreeK #26

i didn't know this concept even existed before a design friend told me about it.apparently, they seek inspiration from these "moodboards", whenever they are designing first thought—"well that's just cheating!".it takes me a rough 12 hours of hypi…


what'd you think?| ThreeK #25

sometimes there's nothing to say about a piece.."did you like it?"-yea, it's nice."so, it was..good?"-yea it's nice."okay, so like..any suggestions, feedbacks—anything?"-mmm...yea it's quite nice..what can you even say when what you are critiquing is so out o…


Frankenstein's (the) monster| ThreeK #24

NP: ... and they started chasing the Frankenstein!AA: um, actually.. you mean Frankenstein's monster, Frankenstein was the name of the scientist.NP: "well, what do you think i meant when i said, Frankenstein"?AA: the.. monster?NP: well then shut the f*ck upAA…


plastic| ThreeK #23

if i had a monocle, i'd call it the 'diffusion of responsibility' problem. except i would be wrong (partially at least.).nobody ever questioned its existence. everyone had subconsciously assumed it is serving a purpose (spoiler alert: it wasn't).it's a family…


create x consume | ThreeK #22

you need to consume if you want to createas a creator, if you don't consume media, you will get stagnant,.your word will start getting repetitive, your vocabulary—limited.but more consumption isn't the answer to suffers from saturation and resul…


can i copy yours| ThreeK #21

you have to copy others when you're starting out.heck, you still have to copy others when you're well-positioned..what's original anyway?are there any thoughts that are truely original ?"everything is a copy of a copy of a copy"—Tyler Durden (probably).it tak…


view | ThreeK #20

i was sitting with my elder brotherhe was talking about movies—storytelling to be precise.."a Raju Hirani film and Anurag Kashyap film can have the same plot but have a different resolution."-hm?"the girl dies"(don't worry spoilers don't phase me. i was fine)…


tin foil opinion | ThreeK #19

it's not an opinion. it's a fact..i knew it was a dumpster fire. always did.but i got so used to hearing that it was a flaming pile of shit—it started meaning nothing.–plumber-plumber-plumber-plumber..step 1: hear something many timesstep 2: brain creates a f…


i hate reading| ThreeK #18

there's a really dumb saying these days:"leaders are readers"i have another one:"—if it rhymes, it must be true.".funnily enough, i saw a school of life video sharing the same sentiment.i was glad to know i wasn't alone in this hate crime.don't get me wrong- …


be happy instead | ThreeK #17

"music makes me happy!" – it was an old colleague from my previous life (and a good friend)Anmol has always been a metalhead since i've known himso there wasn't much surprise there."14 -16 hour shifts ain't easy– music makes it.."."its dance for me dawg!" – t…


scared | ThreeK #16

-what scares you?"spiders, no wait clowns. nono scratch that–spider-clowns!"-no meme answers. be genuine."yeea—no."(rather be funny than be real.).3AM—in the middle of your insecurities:"failure"-huh?"i'm scared of failing"-why?"expectations".beep beep..."not…


petrol smells nice| ThreeK #15

"do ghosts exist?", she asked.–of course, they do, my parents would never lie about these things."so nothing's ever finished, is it?".even if ghosts aren't real. i believe nothing's ever finished.the remnants— they remain– always..imagine a t-rex looking at t…


how are you? | ThreeK #14

being morbid means nothing anymore.people are desensitized.just last week, i was on clubhouse– just like any other hipster..the conversation was nothing short of grim.murders, deaths, suicides, you name it.but what's fascinating was how numb we all were:"it d…


morbid, lil | ThreeK #13

"to die will be an awfully big adventure""Dumbledore?" i asked"-nah, Peter Pan."kinda grim for a children's book innit?.she wasn't on any drugs– that i knew ofbut she continued. now with quotes from 'the mummy'."death is only the beginning–".her fascination w…


goodbye–| ThreeK #12

-or as the french call it sayonara..(note to self: do Not post it without fact checking this).goodbyes hurt.its just one moment but-maybe its more than just one moment.maybe its an extension of every moment before the final goodbye.which is why–goodbyes hurt.…


such surprise much wow| ThreeK #11

"surprises" you like it. i like it. everyone likes it.they are pleasant. always.well. almost a kid i used to get a loads of surprises, in form of gifts, toys, games etc. (i believe my parents were in on this)most of them were pleasant..the word "su…