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view | ThreeK #20

view | ThreeK #20
By Prashil • Issue #20 • View online
your work reflects you.
you reflect your worldview..

are you in your words?
i was sitting with my elder brother
he was talking about movies—storytelling to be precise.
“a Raju Hirani film and Anurag Kashyap film can have the same plot but have a different resolution.”
“the girl dies”
(don’t worry spoilers don’t phase me. i was fine)
“in a Raju Hirani film, there’s no way she would have died…”
there’s a wrong question: “who’s the better filmmaker?
but it does have a right answer: “it doesn’t matter”
what matters is she has to die in an Anurag Kashyap film—because that’s his worldview.
that is how he has seen the world. anything else would be just dishonest..
—and she can’t die in a Raju Hirani film—because that’s how he wants the world to be..
“you” reflect your work!
a friend of mine writes blogs for landlords.
little unknown fact: she hates landlords.
it’s subtle, but if you’re looking— you can tell.
what is your worldview?
but most importantly–how honest are you?
hajraat hajraat hajraat
hajraat hajraat hajraat
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By Prashil

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