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such surprise much wow| ThreeK #11

such surprise much wow| ThreeK #11
By Prashil • Issue #11 • View online
hey, this is Alok.
i’m that guy from the friday club.
-nothing? ok nvm.

bribes were involved-
you like it. i like it. everyone likes it.
they are pleasant. always.
well. almost always.
as a kid i used to get a loads of surprises, in form of gifts, toys, games etc. (i believe my parents were in on this)
most of them were pleasant.
the word “surprise” changed a lot while growing up.
“-surprise! santa isn’t real!”
“-surprise! everyone dies eventually!
“-surprise! your dog wasn’t sent to your uncle’s farm!”
shock! yeah… that’s the word i was looking for–
Surprise: this is not a cat.
Surprise: this is not a cat.
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By Prashil

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