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sleep| ThreeK #27

sleep| ThreeK #27
By Prashil • Issue #27 • View online
get a memory foam pillow. period.

a cervical memory foam pillow to be precise.
i have a terrible sleeping habit, and by habit i mean, i have none.
there have been days where i have simply skipped out on sleeping. days i’ve only gotten 6 hours of sleep-
-in 2 days
and also days where my ‘good mornings’ have started at 3pm.
this is not a badge of honor.
sometimes it’s the lack of productivity, sometimes—netflix. but mainly it’s bad habits.
i won’t go into the whole schpiel of telling you the importance of getting 8 hrs of proper sleep, i’m sure every youtube self-help productivity-hacking thought-leader worth his money has already done that.
the pillow—it works.
it just does, the quality of my non-existing sleep cycle has improved a lot. and by some miracle, my stupid neck pain has also gone down.(i didn’t know about this added benefit)
apparently, body posture is important for life in general (who’d a thunk it!)
anyway, that’s all from me.
sleep tight guys! (i know i will)
ignore my aesthetic choice of pillow cover
ignore my aesthetic choice of pillow cover
p.s. i only use it for sleeping, not for back support, and especially not for “casual” nighttime phone browsing.
only my dumb noggin goes on it and only for sleeping.
keeping it sacred so my body only associates sleep with this.
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By Prashil

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