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plastic| ThreeK #23

plastic| ThreeK #23
By Prashil • Issue #23 • View online
there’s an empty plastic bag in my bathroom.
it’s been there for the last 7 months.

probably more than 7
if i had a monocle, i’d call it the ‘diffusion of responsibility’ problem. except i would be wrong (partially at least.)
nobody ever questioned its existence. everyone had subconsciously assumed it is serving a purpose (spoiler alert: it wasn’t)
it’s a family of four and we all thought someone else must have placed it—it is probably there for a reason.
it took me 7 months to challenge the status quo.
i picked the plastic up.
daddy long legs— it’s a type of spider. goes with other interesting names like- vibrating spider, gyrating spider (wtf?).
7 months–
the intended length of stay wasn’t even 7 minutes.
the plastic was an improvised defense artillery to kill the poor spider.
Disclaimer: it's still there
Disclaimer: it's still there
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By Prashil

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