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petrol smells nice| ThreeK #15

petrol smells nice| ThreeK #15
By Prashil • Issue #15 • View online
last time we talked/joked about death.
it was my friend’s fault really-
this time around— she was in a better mood.

new beginnings
“do ghosts exist?”, she asked.
–of course, they do, my parents would never lie about these things.
“so nothing’s ever finished, is it?”
even if ghosts aren’t real. i believe nothing’s ever finished.
the remnants— they remain– always.
imagine a t-rex looking at the glowing sky
“this is the most beautiful thing i’ve seen in my life!”
and minutes later “well fuc— we’re finished–
but just about 66 million years later:
an indian oil ceo goes “–nothings ever finished!
maybe we’ll never be finished.
maybe in the next 50 million years we’ll be back as well!
let’s just hope Elon Musk gets his shit together by then.
Disclaimer: not the same dinosaurs from the above story
Disclaimer: not the same dinosaurs from the above story
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By Prashil

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