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morbid, lil | ThreeK #13

morbid, lil | ThreeK #13
By Prashil • Issue #13 • View online
so i asked ‘the friday club’ member #2 to give me ideas,
-something i can write about.

she didn't tell me she'll be ranting about death
“to die will be an awfully big adventure
“Dumbledore?” i asked
“-nah, Peter Pan.”
kinda grim for a children’s book innit?
she wasn’t on any drugs– that i knew of
but she continued. now with quotes from ‘the mummy’.
death is only the beginning
her fascination with death was slightly concerning.
“—but what’s next? what’s the light at the end of the tunnel? aliens? puppies? dentists?”
“maybe death is the most natural thing feels the most unnatural!”
i wonder if all my questions will get answered in the great beyond.“
turns out she wasn’t on drugs– she was on the god-awful ending of game of thrones.
Disclaimer: i don't even know where to begin
Disclaimer: i don't even know where to begin
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By Prashil

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