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moodboard for writers?| ThreeK #26
By Prashil • Issue #26 • View online
a visual presentation or ‘collage’ consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition.

ignore the boring definition
i didn’t know this concept even existed before a design friend told me about it.
apparently, they seek inspiration from these “moodboards”, whenever they are designing something.
my first thought—"well that’s just cheating!“
it takes me a rough 12 hours of hyping myself up and an hour of crying (in that specific order) to even get started with writing anything.
-and these designers were bypassing all that (how dare they!)
but that gave me an idea.
as a writer maybe i can emulate that.
i often get stuck on creating flow-ey sentences
there’s so much time spent on looking for phrases. even normal conversational words n sentences seem wrong at times.
"have i been saying this wrong my entire life—”
“can i start a sentence with and?
"is flow-ey even a word”
. -> rename file -> moodboard for dumb writers
and now i copy any interesting sentences or a phrase or even a paragraph i find into that file.
(a lot of it is just basic “human” sentences to remind me how human beings converse. lol)
still seeking inspiration
still seeking inspiration
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By Prashil

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