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how are you? | ThreeK #14

how are you? | ThreeK #14
By Prashil • Issue #14 • View online

i swear i wont be morbid again
being morbid means nothing anymore.
people are desensitized.
just last week, i was on clubhouse– just like any other hipster.
the conversation was nothing short of grim.
murders, deaths, suicides, you name it.
but what’s fascinating was how numb we all were:
it do be like that sometimes” was the emotional range of that 3 hour long session.
i look at the header of this piece and think:
-there goes my promise (sorry)
but how did we all become like this?
who made us into unfeeling zombies?
why is Donald Trump a flat earther?
maybe the internet has the answer
or maybe the internet is the answer.
The little one's called Bo Burnham
The little one's called Bo Burnham
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By Prashil

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