Frankenstein's (the) monster| ThreeK #24

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Frankenstein's (the) monster| ThreeK #24
By Prashil • Issue #24 • View online
forgive me lord for i’m about to rant.

to all the 'um, actuallys'
NP: … and they started chasing the Frankenstein!
AA: um, actually.. you mean Frankenstein’s monster, Frankenstein was the name of the scientist.
NP: “well, what do you think i meant when i said, Frankenstein”?
AA: the.. monster?
NP: well then shut the f*ck up
AA: well, one could be easily confused by that, you know, since it’s incorrect-
NP: it’s called understanding through context.
you don’t answer-“the ceiling” when someone asks “what’s up” and if you do, well remember the thing i told you about shutting the fu*k up?
AA: …
NP: also we know it’s not chai tea and just chai, cuz chai itself means tea, but guess what— it makes more sense to say “chai tea” in foreign countries cuz tea means simple tea without milk or sugar there
AA: …
NP: also anime doesn’t mean Japanese animation. it just means animation (yea bitch Spongebob is an anime, suck on that.) but it makes more sense for people out of Japan to limit the term “anime” to Japanese animation. just stop being a know-it-all ass.
AA: ok sorry, i see your point" (press x to doubt)
NP: so as i was saying the Frankenstein started runni— ok, can you STOP MAKING THAT FACE!!
you know who you are.
you know who you are.
NP- normal person
AA-annoying asshole
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By Prashil

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