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create x consume | ThreeK #22

create x consume | ThreeK #22
By Prashil • Issue #22 • View online

you need to consume if you want to create
as a creator, if you don’t consume media, you will get stagnant,
your word will start getting repetitive, your vocabulary—limited.
but more consumption isn’t the answer to creativity
it suffers from saturation and results in bad output.
(i don’t wanna call it overconsumption— cuz what’s overconsumption anyway? how do you define the line here?)
conflicting lessons let your thoughts get vague and vaguer.
you settle for a diplomatic and least offensive route and your work suffers—indecisiveness creeps in..
solution?—simplification. removing clutter and taking a step back.
pump the effin breaks.
read less.. but read right.
   —a fellow uncertain and indecisive human
simple ≠ easy
simple ≠ easy
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By Prashil

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