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art of killing babies| ThreeK #10
By Prashil • Issue #10 • View online
babies are cute- 6% of the time
they are (very) annoying- 94% of the time.

wait what–
no don’t worry. this won’t be a tutorial on how to kill babies.
not yet..
“.. and he took the white brush and painted all over my painting”
this anecdote was shared by David Williamson (David Williamson Live)
David is a magician. a born entertainer. and to me–a legend.
the story he shared was about his art instructor who painted over his canvas and told him to start again.
“don’t fall in love with your babies”
the assho- i mean the art instructor taught him an important lesson that day.
“if you did it once, you can do it again”
you have to replicate your best work over and over. else its just a fluke
consistency is key.
Disclaimer: this cat hasn't killed any babies–allegedly.
Disclaimer: this cat hasn't killed any babies–allegedly.
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By Prashil

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