This Week in Elon

By Elizabeth Lopatto

This Week in Elon is a segment on The Vergecast hosted by Deputy Editor Elizabeth Lopatto and now available as a limited-run newsletter. If you want all of the dizzying news about Elon Musk and companies delivered to your inbox on Thursdays, subscribe!

This Week in Elon is a segment on The Vergecast hosted by Deputy Editor Elizabeth Lopatto and now available as a limited-run newsletter. If you want all of the dizzying news about Elon Musk and companies delivered to your inbox on Thursdays, subscribe!

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What does Tesla slashing car prices really mean for the company?

Well, I was going to write about the launch and SpaceX, Tesla’s overachieving older sibling, but then the launch got scrubbed. Instead, let’s discuss money.Tesla cut prices on several vehicles earlier this week: the Model S and X now cost $74,990 and $79,990 …


Elon Musk's got a bake-off going!

Meltdown May is continuing apace, as Elon Musk and his newest baby’s grandmother engage in online beef. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, I would like to turn my opera glasses to one of my favorite types of content: billionaire-on-billionaire rivalry.…


Elon Musk gambles with his legacy

Elon Musk intends to make himself immortal by inserting himself into history books as best he can: electric cars will do, but so will a private mission to Mars. At times, it seems that he is the last subscriber to the “Great Man” theory of history.The problem…


Elon Musk welcomes you to Meltdown May

Elon Musk welcomes you to Meltdown May. He is its mascot.Today, Musk tweeted he’d sell “almost all” his physical possessions. Well, all right. Then, he tweeted that Tesla’s share price was too high, sending its shares down. Then he tweeted part of “The Star S…


🚨Elon is Elonning again

I said I’d be back if Elon Musk Elonned again, and here we are. The last two weeks alone have included:SpaceX’s Crew Dragon successfully splashing down in the Atlantic after its first launchA new Boring Company project in Las Vegas, set to open in time for CE…


This Year in Elon: The Influencer CEO

One of the fascinating things about attending a press event is seeing how everyone writes about it. Here are some writeups of The Boring Company's tunnel opening in Hawthorne on Tuesday.


Elon Musk doesn’t respect the SEC, which is still investigating Tesla

Well, Tesla's Models X and S retain their value better than rivals. However, Wired reports that 2018 was as turbulent for Tesla workers as it was for Tesla investors. Also, Tesla's head of digital product is leaving. But Wall Street is bullish on Tesla, even …


SpaceX's disappointing splashdown hardly seems to matter

Ahhhh this only has a slight connection to SpaceX, but it's fascinating anyhow. Boeing is putting together a satellite — due to be launched by SpaceX next year — that is, uh, apparently secretly funded by China? "About $200 million flowed to the satellite pro…


Why so many people think Elon Musk is a hero — or a villain

Sorry for the delay — Revue decided to have technical difficulties. Anyway, we have an exciting glimpse of the Gigafactory coming on the site tomorrow, so definitely check in to The Verge!The overwhelming newsflow that comes along with Elon Musk and his compa…


Live from Tesla's Gigafactory — Company towns and the things they breed

This has been one of the first relatively quiet weeks in a while in the world of Elon Musk, which obviously means that the minute I click send, some big news will assuredly drop. At least you can now plan your Fridays accordingly. But seriously, though, what …


First up for Tesla's new chairwoman: probes from the SEC and DOJ

Robyn Denholm takes are already trickling in, and it seems like there are already a lot of hopes and dreams about what she'll do. Here are some!


Tesla is what happens when a car company behaves like a tech company

Let's check in with the money people! There is still a criminal probe into Tesla, so that's a thing to watch for. Larry Ellison is very happy with Tesla, which he says is his second-largest investment. But not all investors are as happy as Ellison, and a grou…


Elon Musk successfully cosplays as a normal car company CEO

Tesla finance stuff! One prominent short went long on Tesla before the Q3 profit, which itself was enough to screw up other people's short positions. Various people have takes about whether Q3 is good enough. Hilariously, MarketWatch used the opportunity to t…


Teslaquila is actually a good idea!

Let's see how the finance people are doing! (Incidentally, if you are a Twitter user who enjoys eating popcorn while other people feud, I'd like to direct you to Charlie Gasparino's Twitter feed. Gasparino, a fanny pack connoisseur who is the walking definiti…


James Murdoch as Tesla chairman would be bad news for Elon Musk

Separately from the board room drama, other things are happening at Tesla. For instance: closing on a $145 million plot for a factory in China! For instance: forcing the NHTSA to get passive-aggressive about what they do and don't say in their safety claims!


After the SEC settlement, who will review Elon Musk's tweets?

I believe James Murdoch has announced his campaign for chairman of Tesla in The New York Times. Review the following sentence from the below story: "But Mr. Murdoch hasn’t volunteered for the post nor has he discussed it with any other director." Precisely on…


BREAKING: Musk settles with SEC, ousted as chairman of Tesla

Elon Musk will remain CEO of Tesla as part of his settlement of the SEC's suit from Thursday, which was a thousand years ago. The settlement agreement does note that it only resolves the civil case — so it'll have no result on the possible criminal probe.As t…


SEC sues Elon, who narcs out Grimes

I had written you a whole well-considered thing about labor in Silicon Valley and Tesla’s NLRB hearing — and the fucking SEC went and filed a lawsuit about Elon Musk’s “funding secured” tweet immediately after I got that bad boy all edited and ready to run. W…


BREAKING - Elon Musk sued by SEC over "funding secured" tweet

The SEC is seeking to prevent Elon Musk from holding executive positions at publicly traded companies. I guess if the board won't remove Musk from Tesla, the SEC might? Here's our story - it's developing as we learn more.


SpaceX will get into space tourism; the US Department of Justice will get into Tesla

Tesla did get some good news this week: their cars are safe, the NHTSA says. Also, Tesla's no longer in production hell, Musk says. It's in delivery hell instead.