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Auto-aim off. No Oddjob.

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Well, it’s been a bit of a busy week in video game land. Not especially in terms of game releases (although there were a couple of good ones worth looking at - see New Releases later in the email!), but plenty of interesting things have happened over the last 7 days that you may have missed.
First off, a proper trailer for the new Monkey Island was released courtesy of Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct. There’s a bold new art style, sword and nautical combat, and plenty of that trademark Monkey Island humour. Creator Ron Gilbert has also stated his desire to avoid the series’ tendency for overly obscure puzzles, which is nice. He’s also said that the game will include its own built-in hints system, because if it doesn’t then players “are just going to jump over to the web and read a walkthrough.” Fair point.
Return to Monkey Island Gameplay Reveal Trailer
Return to Monkey Island Gameplay Reveal Trailer
There were plenty of other announcements during the Direct too, including an October release date for Sparks of Hope - the sequel to Ubisoft’s brilliant and criminally under-talked-about Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.
You can see a full rundown of the Direct here.
This week also saw the release of the long-awaited GoldenEye documentary GoldenEra, which is available to rent and buy at Amazon and via iTunes and Google Play. It’s good. And well worth a watch for all the Goldeneye fans reading. There’s also a ‘Making of GoldenEye 007’ book from the brilliant Boss Fight Books currently crowdfunding. You can find more info in the Crowdfunding section later in this newsletter.
GoldenEra by Altitude Films
GoldenEra by Altitude Films
Speaking of GoldenEye, this August will see the UK’s Centre for Computing History host the GoldenEye World Championships. Those who once proclaimed themselves and their friends to be The Best GoldenEye Players in the World can find out more about the tournament and buy tickets here. If you’re that friend who always played as Oddjob, you’re not invited.
Hopefully sometime soon this newsletter will feature the news that the GoldenEye remake which doesn’t officially exist yet but which Rare employees keep unlocking achievements in has been released.
Finally, this week also marked the launch of the latest issue of the [lock-on] gaming journal from Lost in Cult. Many reading this will know that Lost in Cult is an official friend of The Week in Games (not sponsored, to be clear), and that I’ve been a big fan of theirs for a long time now. This latest issue is a little bit more special to me personally however, because… well, I’m in it.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Journey Art Director and Giant Squid co-founder Matt Nava a couple of months back and wrote an article about Journey itself and the state of art design in gaming generally. I’m a huge fan of Matt’s work, so this was a big deal.
There are so many incredible writers, artists and designers involved in this project, so I’m humbled that some of my words will be featured alongside them. A huge thank you to any Lost in Cult folk reading this for the opportunity.
[lock-on] Volume 004 is funding as we speak. If you’d like to learn more you can check it out here.
[lock-on] Volume 004 soft and hardcover editions
[lock-on] Volume 004 soft and hardcover editions
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  • Former Sega Of America President and SCEA founder, Bernie Stolar has died at age 75.
This week saw Portal 1 and 2 dropped onto the Switch eShop during the Nintendo Direct presentation in the guise of the Portal: Companion Collection. They may be old games, but both are masterpieces, and stone-cold must-plays for anyone yet to sample them.
(PS4, PS5, PC) – June 28
(PS4, PS5, PC) – June 28
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – June 28
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – June 28
(PS4, PS5, Switch, PC) – June 28
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – June 28
(Switch) – June 28
(Stadia) – June 28
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC) – June 30
(Switch, PC) – June 30
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, Stadia, PC) – June 30
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – July 1
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC) – July 7
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – July 8
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC) – July 8
(PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC) – July 8
A randomly selected game each week! Any and all games are eligible for selection regardless of age, platform, popularity, or otherwise.
This week, the honour goes to…
Fast RMX (2017)
In the absence of any new F-Zero games from Nintendo, Shin'en Multimedia handily stepped in to fill the void with FAST Racing League on the Wii, FAST Racing NEO on Wii U, and most recently the excellent FAST RMX on the Switch.
Not quite as impressive as the landmark games that inspired them, but still worthwhile sci-fi racers in their own right.
Another round of gaming anniversaries to make you feel old… Sorry!
Click through the links to see what people had to say about them.
Spec Ops: The Line turned 10!
David (he/him)
10 years ago we released Spec Ops: The Line.

We're scattered in the wind but I'm proud of what we made.

Happy Birthday Delta Squad.
Thomas Was Alone released 10 years ago!
Mike Bithell
So.. yeah. Today's the 10th anniversary of Thomas Was Alone's release. Very thankful for the opportunities it opened up to me individually, and for the people and community it brought my way. Fitting that a game about collaboration opened a door to that exact thing in my life.
Jet Set Radio is 22 years old!
Jet Set Radio is 22 years old today!

Released during one of Sega's most creative periods, Jet Set Radio is a relentlessly stylish graffiti-em-up unlike anything else.

Its wonderful art style and peerless soundtrack mean it remains effortlessly fresh to this day.

Any fans?
Banjo-Kazooie first released 24 years ago!
Banjo-Kazooie is 24 today!

Not many devs have gone toe-to-toe with Nintendo over the years, but Rare’s answer to Mario 64 was a sprawling platformer epic that, whilst not as important as Nintendo’s masterpiece, arguably matched its quality.

Are you team Mario, or team Banjo?
Atari celebrated its 50th anniversary!
Lord Arse! 🕹️
On June 27th 1972, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney incorporated Atari Inc in Sunnyvale, California. The rest is history.

Happy 50th birthday, Atari!
Keith Stuart - The Guardian
As the revolutionary company celebrates a half-century, The Guardian looks back at everything video games owe to Atari.
Matt Gardner - Forbes
Ten years on, ‘Spec Ops: The Line’ remains one of the darkest and most pioneering games of recent memory, if not all time.
Matt Gardner - Forbes
Some of the biggest names in gaming have gathered to tell the story of a man who shaped the careers of some of the industry’s most influential figures.
Perfect Organism: An Alien: Isolation Companion
By Andy Kelly / Unbound
50 Years of Text Games
By Aaron A Reed - Campaign ends July 7th
The Making of GoldenEye 007
By Gabe Durham - Campaign ends July 8th
The Gaming Chronicles - Episode 1 - The Amiga 500
By Gracious Films - Campaign ends July 10th
UNITHOR - A Brand New Joystick For Retro Computers
By UNI-Joy - Campaign ends July 21st
[lock-on] Volume 004
By Lost in Cult - Campaign ends August 1st
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