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🥃🖖 The Unsystematic Newsletter #1


The Unsystematic Newsletter

January 4 · Issue #1 · View online
A place of wonders and ponders, shower thoughts, quagmires of life, peculiar dreams and the occasional tempered thought about running a Design Studio.

Knock knock...
Whose there?
Me who?
You and me sitting in a tree…?
Okay - so now that we got that out of the way; Welcome to my newsletter - the very first! You MUST be lost, no!?
A place of wonders and ponders, shower thoughts, quagmires of life, peculiar dreams and the occasional tempered thought about running a Design Studio. 
Truth be told: I don’t know yet - you will be joining me on this journey - and I’m starting today.
Feedback and ideas are welcome!
“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.”
A dane with a bunch of years of digital design, UX and agency experience turned Co-founder & Creative Director at ShapeShifters Studio.
Digital born – raised by the internet. Emperor of design and creative X-MAN. Likes to take on the underworld in a diving suit. Marvel nerd and all-things-tech fanboy. 10+ years as a designer makes a quirky mind.
Henrik Jensen, Co-founder of ShapeShifters Studio
New year / New music
Let’s kick of 2k18 with a new Spotify playlist!
Some highlights
Independent - Saski
Enough - The Endorphins
Vincent - James Blake

Till next time!
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