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The U.N. #4 - I'm too old for this ****

Tl;dr: I'm turning 30 in 25 days (Damn boiiii...). So without further ado: Here's the wishes of an ad

The Unsystematic Newsletter

February 1 · Issue #3 · View online
A place of wonders and ponders, shower thoughts, quagmires of life, peculiar dreams and the occasional tempered thought about running a Design Studio.

Tl;dr: I’m turning 30 in 25 days (Damn boiiii…). So without further ado: Here’s the wishes of an adult man-child… 🎁

#1 A goddamn Roomba 960! 😫🔫
Too much time in life is spent cleaning… About a total of 400 days(!) of an average life is spent cleaning, according to and *sigh*
Does it come with the cat?
#2 The LG 4K Monitor for the home office
Yeah something I can watch cat videos on when I’m home.
#3 Arne Jacobsen 3217 Alaska Cognac Anillin
Because my degrading skin is getting sensitive for cheap materials...
#4 Cressi Gara Modular Carbon Finne
There – Now you know what that is.
#5 The NX GHOST lightweight BCD
The thing on his back holding the tank in place...
A ‘Buoyancy Control Device’ that’s on the techie side of diving… Anyways; here’s a link 💸 
#6 A Retro Flip Clock - obviously
Just. Awesome.
#7 A straight to business office phone!
That connects to my iPhone...
Okay okay… It took a turn somewhere.. Let’s get it back on track…
#8 The GENESIS® 2000(!) LX E-640 GBS Weber Grill
I guess now that I’ve got this huge terrace I should get me a (much) bigger grill and have house parties every other week, right? And automatically look like Zac Efron…
Lol - I wish!
#9 Google Home Mini
"Hey Google – Define: Procrastinate, thank you..."
And finally: #10 The Canon 6D
Tried; but can't live without a DSLR anymore 😭
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