What do you NOT want?!

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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
What do you NOT want?!
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Good Reads
A guide to marketplaces
Marketplaces are one of the toughest types of startups to scale. Whether the chicken-and-egg problem of starting, the complexity of charging for a service delivered offline, or various other challenges, starting and scaling a marketplace is quite complex. Which is why this guide from Version One (VC) is particularly helpful. A very detailed guide on managing the different stages of growth at a marketplace - hope you find it useful!
Average -> 10x Engineer
There’s definitely a lot more to being an engineer, than just writing good code. This read takes you through 7 pointers that all coders must consider to become much more impactful, and effective - communicate, discuss, and learn more about the business domain you’re working on, prioritise on tasks and projects based on your strengths, and ship the deliverables on time!
Lastly, always try working with people who have higher skill levels - work with a stronger team to get a larger base to learn from. 

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The Art of Product Management
Sachin Rekhi (ex-LinkedIn) looks back at his decade in product management roles, to explain what a good product manager does. As he says in this SlideShare, product managers drive the vision, strategy, design and execution of their product. And he channels some of the best product managers of the last 20 years to explain how to rock each of these roles. A great read.
VP - Sales & Marketing
Mail us to get in touch for this position in Gurgaon - we’ll share roles and responsibilities and put you in touch with the concerned team.

(Psst. - you don’t want to miss this one, really!)
Legal services for websites.
Pros: Offers a money back guarantee; Offers 2-hour consultation with an attorney for any legal issue; Fairly inexpensive; Personalizes Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and includes humor; Offers revisions; Choice to obtain documents within 3 days for an additional charge.
Cons: Aren’t reachable via phone and only offer support via email.
Aggy's Pick
The Key-> What you DON'T want; NOT What you DO want.
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you take the nugget(s) from this article and apply them - they can change your life.
We all want the same things - financial security and independence, comfort, peace of mind, a fulfilling set of relationships, …. and yet, we’re all doing SO many different things and a lot of those things always seem distant.
What if, instead of ‘What do you want?’ you answerered 'What are you willing to struggle for, to go through pain for?’ ….
And so on. It opened my mind up to a very different way of vieweing the world and my choices therein - and I think it can do the same for you. 
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Meet Arjun, a 24yr old CTO
A 24yr old who wrote his first code in 7th grade, Arjun has been in love with technology and science since forever now. Looking for some more challenges, he is eagerly waiting for real world quantum computing applications in medicine.

Mail him to get in touch - he might be your next CTO!
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