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Woohoo! We're now on Snapchat - username ' boldkiln ' Follow us for some pretty interesting stuff. Al
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
weekly gyaan
Woohoo! We’re now on Snapchat - username ’ boldkiln ’ Follow us for some pretty interesting stuff. 

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The engaged user and his page view time
How do you measure engagement for your product? While trying to figure this, I stumbled upon this read - it explains how longer page duration doesn’t necessarily mean an engaged user. Your links might be enticing, but not necessarily hooking people. 

This article gives insight on sources which drive engagement, explains loyalty, and some simple stats, tips, and tricks to help you understand your user, better. 
Read it. #WhatSells 
Human Resources
This is a slightly unusual pick for the journal - click and see. 

We’ve come across so many people who wish to do stuff that interests them, but they’re unable to move out of their existing jobs. The biggest issue, how will my skill-set fit at company X, because it doesn’t match their requirement. Does it matter? Honestly, not always! We’ve talked about this one before - read on, you’ll love this!
Nailing the perfect JD
This one’s for recruiters. We realised, writing a JD is not easy - it is time consuming, and you might just end up picking up stuff from here and there, whatever you believe seems close to what your required skill-set is. 

Diving deeper, jot down your requirement, use proper, relevant keywords, be precise, keep it precise - read on, this’ll be helpful. 
Aggy's Pick
Listening and the learning lens
Communication is a big pain in the ass. At work, with the special girl, on Tinder, .. you get the drift.
I believe I’m a decent-good communicator, but know I often fuck up too. And I have this perpetual internal struggle and battle to strive for perfection on this front (for better / worse).
I end up introspecting and reflecting every now and then - often accompanied with reading.
This is one of the better pieces I’ve read - helped me look at it from an additional lens, and how I could approach communication better. I’m definitely going to go practice this on Tinder - tell me how you liked this one.
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