Weekly Gyaan

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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Weekly Gyaan
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(P.S. - we apologize for the unexpected mid-week mail - ironically, it was the Urdu word for ‘Potential’)

VC meetings are all about the investors asking the questions and founders answering, right?
There’s a critical set of questions we as founders really should ask VCs in the first meeting itself (incl. the basics like AUM, ticket, …). Read on for more on what, and why. 
Is the pitch deck itself a tool for investor evaluating a startup? YES!
This great read shares how just a compelling presentation (deck included) ticks off several checkboxes an investor is looking at while evaluating a startup. You can raise without a deck, sure - but make it anyway. And make it well!
Read this piece to know why + which parts you really need to focus on.. 
Let's improve your product design
Product design can be a game breaker or maker. We’ve put this super tactical - get your hands dirty - read for you and your teams, both tech and design, to understand and improve design. Aesthetics, alignment, colours, and tones, among other things, need to align with your product vision.
A super read with very actionable tools & tips - you should get the team to read this, and have it as a part of the induction process too! 
Fixing your apologies
Your product crashed. A user found a bug (or ten). It just refused to work.
Your team will bloody well fix the problem - sure.
It’s the darn apology or the explanation we’re always unsure of, often just avoiding the awkwardness altogether. NO! That’s just bad practice. This is a super read that helps refine help text and apology messages from the design lens. Read on, and say sorry…
Aggy's Pick
Success, failure and the drive to keep creating
Much to my Mother’s chagrin, I have for the first time found someone defining ‘home’ in a manner I completely relate to.
A super talk by the author of Eat, Pray, Love - this one helped me with this definition, with seeing my pursuit of happiness with a stark clarity, with the ability to make better choices, and to understand my current choices better - and most importantly - to be a little more at peace with myself and to know how to get there.
Definitely worth your 20mins, and I’d love to know what ‘home’ is to you, once you’ve seen the video. :)
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