To earn your team's respect and more..

We launched The Digest - Lite a few weeks back. A news app for startups - no nonsense! Have you got t
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
To earn your team's respect and more..
We launched The Digest - Lite a few weeks back. A news app for startups - no nonsense! Have you got the app yet? No? DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Good Reads
The fuckups of a designer
We all make mistakes, but to learn from them is what counts. This read highlights 4 common mistakes by designers and what she takes from each: 

1. users and their point of view,
2. aesthetics versus usability,
3. design versus consistency, and
4. importance of the process.

A must read for junior and senior designers, and product managers. 

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Earning your team's respect
If you manage a team, or even if you manage just 1 person, *this* is something you should definitely read. The constant bickering can get annoying, and can actually break your connection with the team. Learn to fix it, more so, maintain it.

No ifs, no buts, click here and read on, now!
Traffic to Conversions
A quick read on how 3 experiments with the landing page converted traffic.

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“Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” – Bob Parsons
Tool for website hosts to chat with their website visitors using their existing instant messaging client.
Pros: Automated transcripts; Integrations with common CRM; Monitors website visitors; Connects to IOS, Android and Blackberry; Custom CSS edits available; Proactive charts and triggers; Offline mode; Hide chat bar option;
Cons: Complex to set up the third party instant messenger; Can only block someone for the current chat;
High speed wireless data transmission and internet access solutions. Velmenni uses lightwaves from LED devices for data encryption, thereby simultaneously addressing two problem areas- illumination and data service provision. With their product Jugnu, a Visible Light Communication Device high-speed data transfers are now done using visible light. 
Grab this
An informal event for academia, startups, and investors to chat up and exchange their thoughts and opinions on the biotech space. A networking event with a clear intent to have everyone walk out smarter than they walked in.

We call out individuals, startups and investors working in/around the field of Biotechnology.

Location: Barcelos, HKV, New Delhi
Date and Time: Oct. 16, 11:30am onwards
“Data beats emotions.” – Sean Rad
Aggy's Pick
You don't want to be the 'Uber of X'
Jitha, my colleague at our angel fund OperatorVC, wrote this piece a while back.
We’ve been going through a lot of pitches every month, as part of our dealflow - and he (rightly) so identifies why you don’t want to be pitching yourself as an ‘Uber for X’ to your potential investors.
Your startup is unique. Stop trying to base its identity on something(one) else.
I most definitely agree - and given how prevalent this trend is - think its worthwhile to pick out here for you to read. 
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