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Did you miss out on the last issue? Click to see our last 4 issues - we are currently working on the
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
the weekly journal
Did you miss out on the last issue? Click to see our last 4 issues - we are currently working on the repository with all our reads till date!

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A growth team helps you scale - analyze and develop your user flow. Structuring growth will require building growth models and developing experimentation models to make the product better, aimed at increased user acquisition along with user retention. To understand the role of this team, you need to understand expansion and conversion, will work, among other things. This read is an A to Z on your questions on growth - run through this before jumping on with a growth team. 

Also, some interesting examples - refer Amazon, Facebook, etc.. Read on. 
A free trail is the best sales tool you could work with - you’ll know just when the user goes, ’ WOW! This is awesome!’ Of course, this follows the usual scrutiny of how to focus on this part-conversion - time and reasons for the users to fall in love with product, drop out rates, different wow moments, and so on. 

This article helps you figure the WOW in your product (because you probably love the whole damn thing, you don’t know what works for the users!), user flow, blockage points, etc etc.. Also has some experiments you could run through, for a better analysis of the situation.
Strategizing social media ads
Social media ads are driven by user behaviour - targeting the right set of users at the right time, with the most appealing content. From understanding buttons available to you, to defining where the user will land with your ad, from discounts, to setting the target audience, there’s a huge bunch that goes to most ads, which we might be skipping.

An extremely to-the-point read, with brilliant examples to help reach out effectively. Read on, some interesting tools and tips also mentioned.
Untangling the Viral Loop
Referral marketing has been catching up crazy - remember Uber with the give and get rides?! Designing a loop is an easy process, but requires constant checks - trial and errors. It is only with the proper strategy that you will be able to implement and launch the loop, giving way to refining the product, and the marketing process. 

Read on - 5 things to keep in mind, when implementing viral loops. 
Aggy's Pick
Can we design happiness?
I myself have been someone who thinks (and continues to) that technology often takes away our happiness - have shared an article on that before too.
This was an interesting conflicting point of view. We bring our own insecurities to the technology (or the lack of them) and our usage and emotions thereafter are but a reflection of them.
Personally - it helps me understand that I must look internally to wade through what’s making me unhappy.
Professionally - helps me realise how I can build products that combat insecurities, helping a user feel happier on using my product.
Read this. All the best with your demons.
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