The Startup Weekly by Bold Kiln

Clearly, we've revamped the Journal! Like it? Yes? No?Write to us - we want to know! :) P.S. Spare tw
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
The Startup Weekly by Bold Kiln
Clearly, we’ve revamped the Journal!
Like it? Yes? No?Write to us - we want to know! :) 

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The Consumer is your spouse, no, really.
If you’re looking at User Retention as one of your immediate goals, this is definitely a must read for you, and your team! The thin difference between engagement and retention has been put down in this article, which, IMHO, needs to be read and understood by all. 

Rightly said, the user isn’t a moron - he needs attention, and value to become a true fan of your product! Read on, some gold in this one. 
Traction vs Growth
In the startup journey, we’re all aiming for growth, but how many of us actually understand what growth is? Brain, from HubSpot, helps us figure the three phases of growth -  traction, transition, and growth. Goals, metrics, channels, and team structuring at every phase - all have been explained. 

Don’t skip this one, half knowledge is dangerous, really!
Mobile UX Design: The Right Ways to Ask Users for Permissions — UX Planet
We’ve all been bothered by useless permissions certain apps seek (have even deleted a few for this very reason!). To encourage user retention, it is always better to strategize permissions, along with the design. This article explains just the sort of structuring you need, for the right ways to ask for permission. 
We often drift towards better visuals, in comparison to usability. The drive should, however, be the other way round - functionality driving the designs. 

This is an extremely crisp read on the 10 commandments for design. If you’re trying to build or fix your product, do not skip this one.
Life Hacks
How the hell do you prioritize?!
An excellent article to understand how some of the best people, the winners, manage their shit. Suster has jotted down some of the most important things in his life, and how he has been balancing work and relations.

Honestly, all it takes is figuring what all matters, and balancing life around it. No superpower here. Do read, I’m sure a lot of us are bad time managers, and this will just help.  
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