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Help founders and startup teams grow - share the word on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you check th
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
The Startup Grind
Help founders and startup teams grow - share the word on Twitter and Facebook

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Good Reads
SaaS companies' stalling out patterns
After an analysis of a dozen SaaS companies, the writer deduces why they stall after $20mn-$40mn ARR. Drawing Net Promoter Score as one of the key factors to keep in mind, the author suggests tracking the same to understand usage patterns. The read talks of ’loyalty versus need’ for users, and why the same needs to be measured. 

P.S. - Check out the comments at the end and links shared in between, some real good tips there. 

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Facebook and the newsfeed
5 simple steps, paid and unpaid, so pick whatever suits you:

1. Audience Targeting
2. Unicorn Pyramids
3. Post Engagement Ads
4. Engaged Followers 
5. Video Content

The author has picked up the best tricks to help you spread the word about your product / content - read on, not something you’d want to skip.. 
A decade of Spotify's website
A study on how Spotify has changed user experience in the last 10 years. This read covers page, button and colour changes made, and how it affects UX - browse through trends of the past, and the present. 

A must for UX designers - Read on..
“Always deliver more than expected.”  - Larry Page
Email marketing service that includes newsletters emailing, auto-responding, and RSS-to-email converting features.

Pros: Excellent autoresponder capabilities; Numerous integration options; Regular live webinars; Easy report access.

Cons: No free trial; Limited data importing capabilities; No mobile application.
Grab this
Check out The Startup Grind at Zu Tisch on this Saturday, in Delhi. 

An opportunity for a night for getting to know others going through the grind, learning from each other, and having fun along the way. Come, meet fellow startup folk and some investors.
Venue: Zu Tisch, M-18, Second Floor, GK - 1, New Delhi.
Date: 27th August 2016
Time: 7 pm onwards  

Organizers include - myHQ, Bold Kiln, and OperatorVC

(Psst. - Wicked Beer Deals, games, music, etc.. you really don’t wanna miss this one!)
Aggy's Pick
I can assure you from personal experience, and I’m sure most would agree - scaling a company is a frigging nightmare. Definitely for the leadership of the company, but also for the employees and the team.
In this super piece, Graham (Her Google team scaled from 9->125 in 9m; FB from 500->5500; …), talks about her experience scaling teams, how one should deal with the emotional insecurities it leads to, and the aspects one needs to really pay attention to, at each stage.
If you’re growing, or soon will be - don’t miss this.
“Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” – Bob Parsons
Visual indicator of the available parking spaces nearby. Use the app to find a parking spot that fits your needs. Payment for the spot can be done on the app via cash or card. 

Plonk your vehicle anywhere, without any hassle!
Meet Pawan
8 years work experience spanning business operations/P&L management, analytics, and strategy. Currently, Pawan is working as a Data Analytics Lead at Facebook (Hyderabad) where he focuses on making operational improvements to keep Facebook’s ads ecosystem clean.

He holds a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IITK (2006) and MBA from IIMA (2010). He has experience in leading high performing teams at fast paced organizations and loves to get his hands dirty. He wants to be a part of a team where he can play a key role in its growth.

His CV is here, and he can be reached at
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So we’re Abhishek and Ishaanee, from Bold Kiln, curating this journal for founders and startup teams, to help them grow personally and professionally.
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