Startup Weekly Saturday Specials

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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Startup Weekly Saturday Specials
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Good Reads
3 things to do to retain new users
What’s the difference between an app that grows exponentially and an app that fizzles? The answer is retention. While things like customer acquisition, growth rate, etc. are important, they are not the most important. User retention is the foundation of growth. This article, based on tests on four different apps, highlights the three things that result in a positive user experience and superior retention.

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How I killed my startup hours before closing a seed round
A great article from T. A. McCann about how he had all but closed a massive funding round, when he decided to call it off. A timely reminder, in these days when everyone thinks they’ll raise funding and be golden, of how taking capital cuts your options.

Are you willing to spend 5-10 years working on an idea, when you don’t even have confidence that it’ll work?

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The Term Sheet Check
A great resource for those among us who have term sheets (lucky you!) and are trying to figure out what all the clauses mean. Liquidation preference, anti-dilution, drag along, tag along, etc. - if you don’t know what these critical terms mean or have only a fuzzy idea, read this. And bookmark it for future reference.

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One platform to remove yourself from all online platforms - select what all accounts you want to delete and say bye to your online self! 

Doesn’t even invade your privacy, so that’s a relief, for sure. 
Fitness First is hiring. APPLY NOW!
Mobile-only Retailers Engagement Solution for the next generation of ambitious small & medium retailers.
Aggy's Pick
*Everything* Is My Fault. No, Really!
In any context, things are *always* going wrong.
The easy part: blaming someone for it.
The hard part: Figuring out how this is actually your fault.
It’s the hart part where discovery and moving forward is hidden.
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