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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Startup gyaan
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Good Reads
What drives the best click to conversion
A fantastic piece backed with analysis on a large data-set (12 million app links) of what drives click to install conversion. Will definitely help you in your user acquisition strategy and planning spends across various channels.

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Nailing your investor intros
While (hopefully) it’s common knowledge by now that warm investor introductions are far better than cold calls, this quick read reminds us why. It goes further to share valuable tips on how to ask for an introduction, so one gets a positive response. If you’re going to be raising soon - read up.
The Art & Science of Growth Hacking
A comprehensive Slideshare on Growth Hacking. It covers everything from the different stages of the usage funnel, what to measure for each stage, and how to activate users across the funnel. A must read - you’ll definitely get some action points for your own customer outreach.

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Provides feedback from target audience, along with reports, for startups and the work done by them.
Pros: Individual reports, per startup; Best feedbacks get cash rewards of $5; No registration costs.
Cons: Limited number of entries per day-5, per feedback provider; Limited number of awards per website; Limited payment options, based only on PayPal
Grab this
An app that lets you discover and connect with amazing people, groups and communities near you via instant messaging - use your Facebook credentials, create your own ‘gang’ by inviting one or more friends.
You can then ‘swipe through’ other gangs, individuals, and communities. If you want to join up with any of them, just say Yay! If they reciprocate, they get added to a ‘Mix’ where you can instantly chat, share stuff and eventually decide to meet/hang-out.
Think of this as an amalgam of Tinder & WhatsApp (but not limited to dating).

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Aggy's Pick
I am not happy. Really.
Would you call yourself happy?
I wouldn’t. And that is NOT to say I am unhappy.
A phenomenal comic from Oatmeal that helped me deal with my own self better - this talks about how Happiness mayn’t be the thing to chase.
I very strongly recommend reading this, and I’ll leave you with a few lines from it:
“I’m not unhappy.
I’m just busy.
I’m interested.”
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