Some more weekly gyaan

Some of you had asked for our previous issues - check-check. Spread the word - Tweet / Fb Post  for f
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Some more weekly gyaan
Some of you had asked for our previous issues - check-check.

Spread the word - Tweet / Fb Post  for founders and teams! :)

Good Reads
KPI dashboard template
An excellent KPI template, updated and reviewed by Christoph Janz for early-stage SaaS companies. Coming from a VC, this is one informative read (has some charts  with dummy data.) Check out the pricing tiers, and annual plans, along with the complete spreadsheet, available in the form of a downloadable sheet. 

Psst. - do check out the 9 worst practices in SaaS metrics, also in this post. Read on..
The perils of pricing
Understand the human psyche on pricing. This article puts down 5 studies, each helping you derive intelligence from the user’s perspective. For eg., periodic increase in costs, below 10% goes unnoticed by most users, not really affecting consumption. Moving beyond 10% brings in a drastic change. 

This is pricing hacks done right - short and simple. Read on.
Writing the perfect emails
5 tips from a CEO to help you grab attention of the busiest of the people - this is some crisp, to-the-point gyaan. Don’t skip this. 

Read on..
Simplify log management.
Pros: Debugging, monitoring and troubleshooting business processes; Analysation of data by users; Option to upload any file from any device or process; Cloud alerts and task completions; Analysis in real time.
Cons: Not recommended for application instrumentation; Sluggish response times; Low usability; Unnecessary initial learning curve; Long loading time.
"It’s not just about being small, it’s about doing more with less." - Greg McAdoo
A chat platform where customers can order anything - from food, groceries, beauty, home services, bill payments,booking tickets to any adhoc service.

Anything that is legal, MagicX takes care of it. 
Aggy's Pick
Tiny Startup? Tiny Board.
Founders of early stage startups often want to get a lot of people on the board + are also inundated with requests from people for the same (investors / friends / …).
Keep this at bay - you really only need a small board, and more importantly, want to ensure it stays small so it doesn’t become unmanageable as you (and hence your board) grow.
Not one of those things that is paid too much attention to - but definitely warrants it. 
Test Cafe, and EdTech company is looking for a Content Developer.

Send in your CVs to Anish, and check out this document for details. 
“Wonder what your customer really wants? Ask. Don’t tell.” – Lisa Stone
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