Sex ed 101, Twitter bot, and so on..

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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Sex ed 101, Twitter bot, and so on..
Keeping it short and sweet - if you like it, please SHARE? 

Good Reads
How to calculate the virality effect / spreading rate of your application
An interesting way to calculate the virality of your app - make cohorts of users based on whether they came organically or were invited, and then see how each cohort is growing. The article also links to a Google spreadsheet that you can use for your own virality calculation.

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Build your Twitter Bot
Automation rules - no, really, it does. You save a lot of time with automation. Fix your own Twitter bot, to RT, like, or even reply to DMs - basically, there’s a lot you can fix with this bot. 

Techies or non-techies, this can be implemented by just about anyone. Check right here. 

(Psst. - Aggy is a sucker for automation, this’ll probably be his birthday gift from me!) 

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This is an old article, but one I keep coming back to. In this, Marc Andreessen talks about the importance of product-market fit. As Andreessen says, finding a great market is the most important thing. Then go build a product that satisfies that market. If you do that, you may have a winner on your hands.

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Aggy's Pick
Sex ed 101
I was discussing the basics of human anatomy and the reproductive processes and systems with folks, when I discovered that a lot of them had no idea how the opposite genders’ body worked, and often were clueless about their own as well.
I’ve been searching for quite a while for something that could help me with a Sex Ed 101 training that I can share / conduct etc.
This - the first of a 8 video set, is the Sex Ed content on Norway’s national TV - so is scientific, accurate etc. In Norwegian (obviously), it has subtitles in English.
This might be a good idea to watch - even if you think you know it all, and definitely something to share with your teams, and peer group. We really do need to get educated about sex - let’s start with ourselves and those around us. 
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