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We're now on Snapchat - follow us @ bold kiln for some more interesting stuff happening at our office
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Not another spam - NO!
We’re now on Snapchat - follow us @ bold kiln for some more interesting stuff happening at our office, and otherwise. :)

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The Scale Series
DO NOT OPEN THE HEADER - Start with this. Finished watching? Let’s move ahead, you also need to know how to scale - you burn money but you’re nowhere close to the targets - what now? Maybe you need to revamp your strategy. Set a more realistic goal, balance out supply with demand, measure and scale, but be cautious - there’s user behaviour, tech constraints, and other important stuff to look at. 

Some brilliant examples in this set of articles and videos. Read on, a guide on Unit Economics. 
The 5 Steps
25 examples - 52 minutes. Hack growth with some brilliant examples, yes, examples, no gyaan whatsoever. Go figure what all works for your product.

Silver lining - these tricks are *light on the pocket!* Trust us. 
How To Get Snapchat To Work For You
Sure, you use snapchat - for those funny dog faces, or bee faces, right?! There’s more to snapchat than that -  Protima here puts down some interesting stuff, helping you leverage Snapchat for your product/service. Doubt it? Don’t. Just read on - she’s put down some tight pointers to help engage better. 

Again, we’re now on snapchat - follow us. :)
Read below, then click here.
We’ll be covering ads on various social media platforms over the next few weeks.

To start with, we have picked up Lead Ads - don’t know what lead ads are? Read here - for Twitter and Facebook. From ad selection, to adjusting target audience, lead generation cards and bidding - there’s a lot that you’ll figure from these two reads. 
Aggy's Pick
Founder Weekends
You’re probably going, Weekends, Lol.
I know - and agree wholeheartedly. Yet, do what you will, as a founder, it’s challenging to stop thinking about your business. But you also know you need to take time off.
Weekends - what do you do with them?
I loved this read because I hadn’t realised it, but I have been slowly moving to the philosophy it outlines over time. Saturdays off, Sundays for reflection and planning.
I really would love to hear what you think of this, and how you manage your weekends.
About us
So we’re Abhishek and Ishaanee, from Bold Kiln, curating this journal for founders and startup teams, to help them grow personally and professionally. 

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