Kick Butt!

Jenny, Whao! Did you check out the wireframes for the new Twitter app? We got a copy from Tim, right
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Kick Butt!
Whao! Did you check out the wireframes for the new Twitter app? We got a copy from Tim, right here.. check check.. 

LOL. We were kidding, got no wireframes. :P 

Good Reads
Creating content, or penning down anything for that matter is difficult for most people. The tonality and the words don’t come easy, and we all know it. 

Paul Graham talks about how he writes things - just write like in your exact spoken words - like you’re having a conversation. 

Easier said than done, I get it - I went ahead and tried fixing this read, just this way and I think gets better as you start writing.

Read on..see if it works for you.. 
The 11 risks VCs evaluate
What do you think are the first few, and the most important things an investor looks at when evaluating a startup?! Check these 11 risk-points you need to keep in mind if you are thinking of planning on raising or even starting up. Keeping exits in mind, risks are what matter the most to an investor - the time of your business, if the world is ready for it or not, skills and passion of the team, reception to feedback, legal risks, and a lot more. 

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SEO issues? Check this
Annkur (Founder, Pricebaba) and iZooto recently got together for a webinar on building web presence and retaining traffic. A complete resource bundle for you to understand SEO, and make well-thought decisions before taking any steps in that direction.

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Aggy's Pick
Kick the Butt.
I used to smoke - for nearly a decade.
Quitting smoking is one of the best things I’ve done and the accomplishment I think I’m proudest of.
This book really helped me quit - and I’m sharing it with you to buy for yourself if you need it / someone you know who’s trying to quit. It *really* does help. 
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