Issue #62 - The Startup Weekly

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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Issue #62 - The Startup Weekly
Spare two minutes to fill up this feedback-form - we’d be grateful AND it’ll help us make this even better for you! 
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Marketplace analytics — simplified
Market dynamics are confusing - period. To be able to predict behaviour and flow, certain trends need to be captured to understand your business. 

This article shares an open-source dashboard to track marketplace KPIs and dynamics - helping you understand some of the most relevant metrics. Gross Revenue, Average order value, Buyer-to-Seller ratio, are among the few things you should know about your business. Don’t skip this one..
Tracking retention with Google Analytics
So your app is running crazy and you’re trying to figure numbers and BLANK! What is going on with Google Analytics?! Makes no sense? Happens.
This article talks of user retention, parallel to cohorts - trust us, this’ll be helpful stuff. Cherry on the icing - Dinesh shares his blog, and some useful links for better understanding.

*Not to be skipped if you’re figuring out analytics.*
How to fire an employee?!
We have talked about hiring being a pain, but firing an employee is no less easy - seriously. We’ve heard some of the worst firing stories over the years, and honestly, we need to understand the sensitivity of the matter at hand. The brutality should be mellow, really!
This article puts down some sharp pointers on when to fire an employee and how to smoothen the process for the employee, and the employer. Do check this one, it’ll help.
(P.S. Read it till the end - you’ll learn!)
To hire a Product Manager
So you’re hiring - your list calls out for a project manager, among some others. You start reviewing resumes, and you come across one major question - should this person be a generalist or a specialist?! At Bold Kiln, we’ve been trying to solve this puzzle for a while now. 

Read this article - you’ll know all about getting your team the perfect Product Manager.
Aggy's Pick
For years, we’ve tried to master the art of focussing. I mean, we’ve tried yoga, and staring at the candle flame, and what now - it just doesn’t help!

Studies have shown the brain getting attracted to whatever one tries to ignore - the more you try to run away, the closer it comes.. Read on, this is one gem of a read.  
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