Help founders and startups get better

We have been featuring different Startups, Tools, Candidates and Jobs every week to help other founde
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Help founders and startups get better
We have been featuring different Startups, Tools, Candidates and Jobs every week to help other founders and startups.
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Good Reads
Branding 101
Branding basics and how to leverage them - this read puts down some sharp examples explaining what needs to be put before the user and how. Understand that this read simplifies brand identity for you, and your users. 

We advise you to not skip this one.

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Stewart Butterfield, cofounder Slack, shares 5 tips that helped Slack grow crazy in the last 3 years - The beta launch ad its users, feedback and analysis, ways to leverage the Wow factor of the product, building resources for users to help them understand the product better - this is an interesting read with a really different perspective on the same old gyaan.  

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Web Design in 4 minutes
The subject says it all - content, font, color, background, codes, this article is a checklist for all designers and coders. You’ll *enjoy* reading this article, trust us!

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“Fail often so you can succeed sooner.”
                                                                                                               - Tom Kelley
A set APIs and tools that instantly enable businesses to accept and manage online payments.

Pros: Flat rate of 2.9%+30 cents charged per transaction; Free refunds; International cards are free; Credit card data entered into payment form is not inserted in server but is redirected here; Supports data portability; No odd gateway errors.

Cons: No special high volume rates; Currency conversion costs 2%; Pay-out takes 7 business days; Limited availability.
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SmashUp 6.0
A startup conference with some of the finest entrepreneurs in the country, SmashUp 6.0 has the likes of Anand Jain, Avlesh Singh, Rohan Mirchandani, and Tanmay Bhat speaking here tomorrow, the 20th of August. Entrepreneurs, this is your chance to understand what the ecosystem is really like.. 

Venue : IIT Bombay
Time : 9:00 am onwards

Check out the sessions of the event right here.. 

Psst. - partners from our fund OperatorVC will also be attending the event - go say hi! 
Aggy's Pick
The Holy Grail - Productivity
@Zishaan asked Twitter ‘What is your favourite productivity trip?’. What resulted is a fabulous compilation of sensible + actionable pointers on productivity tips that could help all of us as well.
Read through this to get super pointers on productivity.
P.S. A tip from me as you do. Don’t try and go gung ho and adopt all of them. Pick one simple one, and apply it. Once it’s become a habit - then go to the next.
Half the problem with our attempts at increasing our productivity is that they come in over ambitious spurts, instead of a slwo but gradual effort.
“It’s not just about being small, it’s about doing more with less.”  
                                                                                                          - Greg McAdoo
Activewear apparel made from bamboo fiber and silver. Anti odour and high performance. 
The food hunt app is hunting for a Business Development Manager and a Marketing Manager in Pune - apply now! 
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So we’re Abhishek and Ishaanee, from Bold Kiln, curating this journal for founders and startup teams, to help them grow personally and professionally.
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