Happy Diwali 🎆

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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Happy Diwali 🎆
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Good Reads
Startup benchmarking
What does an investor make out of your company? Chances are, you don’t know, and you won’t. 

Every investor/firm will categorise you in 4 loosely given divisions - Super high tech; high infrastructure; free consumer apps; everything else. Which one do you belong to? What are the milestones per category?

This brilliant article puts down measurement bars, market status, etc. for you to understand more about how investors think. 

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With a new set of features and fixes almost every week or two, it becomes extremely confusing on what all needs to be put out to the users and what all needs to be self-explanatory. This is an excellent read by Intercom on how you can prioritize and map your announcements, and the effects different sets of news has on users.
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Place your innovations on a graph - prioritise better.
Place your innovations on a graph - prioritise better.
There’s definitely a lot more to being an engineer, than just writing good code. This read takes you through 7 pointers that all coders must consider to become much more impactful, and effective - communicate, discuss, and learn more about the business domain you’re working on, prioritise on tasks and projects based on your strengths, and ship the deliverables on time! 

Lastly, always try working with people who have higher skill levels - work with a stronger team to get a larger base to learn from. 

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User Notifications 101
Picking up a tweet-thread on User Notifications - Kuldeep, from CleverTap shares some pretty valid points which we tend to forget while fixing notifications for users. 

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"Running a start-up is like eating glass. You just start to like the taste of your own blood." - Sean Parker
A user engagement and retention tool that leverages web push notifications as a communication channel. Marketers and developers across the globe use iZooto to convert their web traffic into subscribers and sending them targeting communication.

Pros: Ready Plugin for Wordpress and Shopify, Audience Segmentation basis browsing pattern, amazing support team to ensure that you succeed.
Cons: Limited to only web push notifications, not for app or on page alerts / exist alerts, Event triggered notifications awaited, lacks third party integration.
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Check out: www.coupcard.in
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Aggy's Pick
Dating someone? Nice.
It ends with Forever or a horrid breakup.
I’ve struggled with relationships and commitment most of my dating life (and continue to?).
This is a long, but very worth it read on the entire way we think about relationships, how the grow, drift apart, have The Decision stage, and beyond.
It’s helped me hopefully be able to think about my relationships a tad better - maybe it does you too.
PS. Wait but Why is one of my favourite sites to go spend (leisure) time on.
“I try not to make any decisions that I’m not excited about.” – Jake Nickell
Employee transport for corporates simplified - connect Employees with transport admins + taxi vendors. One-click ride requests, ride tracking, feedbacks recorded, and so on.. 
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