August, week 2

Hi guys, we have changed the way our Journal looks - added a lot more for you to check out - startups
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
August, week 2
Hi guys, we have changed the way our Journal looks - added a lot more for you to check out - startups, tools, and even people you would want to hire! 

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Good Reads
Business model innovations, and what an Investor draws from each
With a shift in the nature of businesses, there is a need to understand which model will work, and which will not. A series read - this is an investor’s take on customer acquisition cost versus the lifetime value of the customer - because if you’re spending too high to acquire, and fail to recover within a year, you’ll probably end up burning in the long run, more than you need to. 

Go on till the end to figure what David Skok picks from 5 different business models - Read on.. 
We’ve pick up this read for businesses which are a few months old and trying to raise.

Micro-traction has three essentials you need to track - a growth trajectory to show where you believe you’re heading, identification of the potential users, and a marketing framework that you have been following to market the product - each of these are pointers indicating where you and your product are heading - an extrapolation for investors.

No matter what stage of the business you’re at, you should definitely take note of this article - straight from an investor’s mouth. Read on..
Short and sharp - Twilio for you. Read on..
“If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” -Elon Musk
A prototyping tool to help you refine your products, with your team.

Pros: Time saving widget libraries, grids, guides and keyboard shortcuts; Coding free interactive HTML website wireframe or UI mockup; Useful for getting feedback from users; Goes beyond basic links; Good for static, low-fidelity prototypes as well.
Cons: Difficulties using the interface; Annotations; Files may become complex to work with; Diagramming tools are limited; Designing for mobile, not so straightforward; Code is not reusable.
Investments made smooth + easy. They also optimise & rebalance your portfolio for you. 

Check out Wealthy.
“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” –Winston Churchill
Aggy's Pick
Speed of execution is a mind-set, and goes far beyond just product / development.
I deal with individuals, founders, employees, candidates … some of whom I see having this inherent attitude, and some not. It’s a phenomenal quality to have, and when built into the DNA of a company, can be pivotal in building organisational velocity.
Make decisions fast. Execute on them faster.
Meet Sharangdev
A fresher with a flair in Operations/ Marketing/ Finance roles, Sharangdev is a 2016 graduate. He is adept at structuring plans and efficiently seeing them through, so he’d be a good fit in the Operations team. He also has some experience in Marketing and Operations - provided growth to a product by heading the marketing team (more on this in his CV). Being a finance grad, he has the technical know-how as well to work with Finance teams.

He can be reached at and his CV is here
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So we’re Abhishek and Ishaanee, from Bold Kiln, curating this journal for founders and startup teams, to help them grow personally and professionally.
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