We wanted to make this way more interesting than ever - check out Good reads, Tools and Templates, St
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
We wanted to make this way more interesting than ever - check out Good reads, Tools and Templates, Startups, Offers, Candidates, and Aggy’s Pick every week now. 

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Good Reads
A bootstrapped business, a week away from shutting down - any investment would seem good, no?! Suhail Doshi of Mix-Panel talks of the company’s low rise moment, when one round turned smart for them, and for the investor as well. A supportive, hands-on mentor with a strong network as an investor was their moment of Gold. 

Key takeaway - be persistent and work hard.

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This is a must read if you’re a coder, a product manager, or just someone with an idea to work on an app. A definite thinker with some very important points we tend to forget in our workflow, when involved in an app - the vision, purpose, features, permissions, etc..

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You need to know
1. Who is your first customer?
2. What is great for them?

We advice you to *not* skip this.

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Tool to check out
UnBounce helps you build, publish and A/B test landing pages without a tech team.
Pros: Appealing aesthetics of back-end; Good mail capturing feature; Third party integrations; Powerful analytics; Powerful landing page system; Built-in Webhooks; Easy drag and drop.
Cons: Themes not very appealing; Expensive; Limited to a single domain; No ownership of landing pages; Slow and chunky; Non-converting templates.
Startup to engage with
FirstEat is an analytics-based food tech company. Through a robust user-data & analytics driven tech platform, and healthy-hygienic menu options, First Eat provides the right push and provision to solve the problem of ‘awareness, availability and affordability’ of necessary healthy meals at many levels by offering popular and, custom and needful healthy meal options all through a single mobile app platform.
FirstEat is currently operational in Gurgaon only - check them out!
Grab this
Free UX Consulting
Sparklin, a branding and Interaction design agency, is offering Free UX Consultation to 52 startups in India. A definite grab - get some crisp pointers to refine your user experience. Apply here!
Aggy's Pick
Super tactical read.
We’ve all been in that place where you invite all your friends to Like your page. One by one clicking invite - loathing yourself for having a huge friend list - wondering if those people will actually like the page etc.
This beautiful plugin for Chrome automates the selection of your entire friend list - so sending people invites to like your page is nearly a single click process. Check it out.
PS - FB Page Likes definitely counts as a vanity traction metric - but it can help, sure. 
Candidate to know about
Meet Anup
An ex-founder, Anup is a project manager with 8.5 years of experience in project management, team building and Operations management within Industrial Automation, IT and RFID projects. Quick learner, organised, passionate and team player.

He can be reached at and his CV is here.
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