Aggy's Picks for November

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The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
Aggy's Picks for November
Tweet away - we NEED you to share this journal with startup founders and teams.

Good Reads
8 things you need to know about raising venture capital
A very good primer on the basics of venture capital, and when you should try and get it (and when you shouldn’t).

My key takeaways from the article:

1. Are your business and market VC-backable: Can you take an investment of millions of dollars and return many multiples of it?
2. Importance of understanding the Fund and the Partners. It’s very easy otherwise to waste your time with VCs that won’t invest in your sector / ticket size anyway. The writer also talks a lot about the dynamics of fund-raising from VCs.

Really helpful stuff to know if you plan to fund-raise soon. But I won’t summarize here - else why would you read the article?

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Want a Better Pitch? Watch This.
If you have trouble pitching your ideas - whether on an elevator or a stage - read this. A great primer on making a pitch that resonates with your audience.

As the writer says, first name the enemy (problem), then highlight why it needs to be solved now, show how the world will be a wonderful place with this solution, and then finally how you’ll actually solve the problem. And yes, show a demo if possible, to prove you’re not bluffing. And in case you think the writer’s bluffing, check out the video of Tesla’s battery launch, where Elon Musk masterfully guides the audience towards the inevitable conclusion that his new product is awesome (we already know he’s awesome.

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How to “Cold Call” Investors
Last week, we shared an article on “Nailing your Investor Intros”. This is Part 2 of that article.

Here, Samir Kaji discusses what to do when you can’t get a ‘warm introduction’ to your target VC. How do you cold-call potential investors in a way that increases your chances of raising funding?

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Non Disclosure Agreement
With the rise in outsourcing of services by most of us, we thought it a definite to have an NDA template at hand, always. 

Check out this one. Also, let us know what other templates you need - we’ll fix and add them to this space. 
ZestMoney is India’s first virtual EMI, enabling credit…without the card.
The platform enables instant account opening and real time credit approval, combined with seamless digital loan servicing and repayments technology. 
Aggy's Pick
Science of Achievement
I hadn’t heard of Tony Robbins before I saw this video. I’m sure a lot many or most of you may be in a similar boat, also.
He’s a solid guy - and you won’t regret spending this one hour listening to his thoughts as he’s interviewed on Inside Quest (also check out their other stuff - quite the treasure trove).
But seriously - with specifics around motivation, preparation, taking risks and suffering (not pain) - this is a great watch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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