a new look

So we revamped the Journal last week! Did you like it? Yes? No? Share with us - we want to know! :) P
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
a new look
So we revamped the Journal last week! 
Did you like it? Yes? No? Share with us - we want to know! :) 
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How to convince investors
A brilliant read, putting down the three most important things you must have, to raise funds. Paul Graham has put some interesting examples to explain his point of view, followed by a short ‘Notes’ section, giving bullets on the focus points, when trying to convince an investor. 

*This one’s a must read for founders*
Why we haven't raised funds
Nikunj explains why the CutShort team decided to not raise funds, early on, and how the focus was on the more important things at hand. Read on to know more. 
A to-the-point read, with an excellent video by the side, this one helps you understand community building as a means of marketing. Add influencer marketing, and you’re probably going places in your market. 
The author shares a template, helping you capture some of the most important elements of your strategy and simplifying marketing for your product/service. Use a pen and paper for this one, it’ll help, really. Brownie point - the structure you prepare will put a clearer picture before your eyes. . 
Random Pick
Fitness in a workaholic world
In our crazy work-focussed lives, we stop paying attention to our bodies - even though we know we need to get those muscles working! Read this one, giving baby steps, steps we’ve all intended to start with, but end up forgetting. This is a reminder from Athlos, and the BoldKiln team - run, cycle, swim, go, work-out!

The premise of this one - Abhishek runs marathons, Ankit is becoming a yoga freak, Garima was cycling 10kms, to the fro the office, in winters, and a couple of others, running and swimming, before and after office. As a bunch, we’re all trying to be fitter at Bold Kiln! You should start too, you’ll feel so much better, trust us on this one! :)
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