18th September, 2016

Help Startups and teams get better with the Startup Weekly - with good reads, startups, tools, events
The Startup Weekly by Abhishek and Ishaanee
18th September, 2016
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Good Reads
If you’ve read Atul Gawande’s Checklist Manifesto, you’ll understand the value of using checklists for repetitive tasks. But can you have a checklist for a startup? David Lee tries to put one together here, borrowing heavily from visionaries like Peter Thiel, Bill Gurley, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. 

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Failing Forward - Embracing failure as an entrepreneur
Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur you’re going to fail and fail a lot. You’ll sometimes build full-scale products that no one wants, you’ll recruit incredible people and waste their time. But that’s OK, as long as you do it fast and cheap.

This great article on the Mattermark blog talks about how you can embrace failure, and introduces an approach that can help you make the most of it.

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16 Startup Metrics
In this post, the Andreessen Horowitz team lists 16 important metrics that all startups should look at. I found it particularly useful for two reasons:
1. In this era of Big Data, you’re always drowning in metrics. It’s useful to know the few that you must always look at.
2. Definitions of each metric, and how to interpret each.

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"Always choose your investors based on who you want to work with, be friends with, and get advice from. Never, ever, choose your investors based on valuation." - Jason Goldberg
Survey software to help you understand what customers want, by posing target questions to site visitors.

Pros: Edition for mobile users; Freedom to choose type of response; Asks multiple question in one go; Receive email notifications of responses; Surveys can be launched within control panel, no additional web developers; Refines target audience; Customize question types; Useful for microsurveys; 14 day trial period before purchase.

Cons: Doesn’t track open rate; Doesn’t offer test of configurations.
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Nodd App in association with Bold Kiln and OperatorVC brings to you NCIE Mumbai for September.

Network with achievers, disruptors, and genuine go-givers in an informal get-together. Join us in an informal get-together to foster long lasting relationships.
Venue: Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra West, Mumbai
Date: 22 September 2016, 7:30 PM onwards
Deal of the day: Unlimited alcohol and food @ INR 1200/- per person.

Aggy's Pick
There is more than what meets the eye. #Airpods
This post helped me realise what early disruption may look like and how its often not very apparent.
The Airpods (yes, I was / am hating on them for hispterness etc. as well) may represent a jump to a personal wearable computer. The tech they pack is much more than just an earphone, and that’s where they’re suggestive of the potential this has in the future.
And as an MVP - they’re pretty solid alright. Helps that the Apple fanbois will also make it a profit making MVP, but anyway.
Read this to understand better what I’m talking about, and also the tech these beauties pack inside.
India’s first Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis company who work with the Indian Union and State governments to reform the agriculture industry and boost its role in the economy, uplift socio-economic standards of local farmers, identify and utilize the untapped value of natural geographic advantages by studying Indian agronomics, boost ecological balance and sustainable development. 
“You can’t make anything viral, but you can make something good.” – Peter Shankman, HARO founder
myHQ is hiring
myHQ provides workspaces on the go at zero rent. Hiring for various positions, linked below:

1. Marketing Manager
200-point inspected, pre-owned cars for sale. MySpinny is looking out for

1. Business Analyst
2. HR
3. Sales Analyst

Shoot your CV to Apoorv right away! 
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