Weekly newsletter from The Sensible Merchant - Issue #8





Weekly newsletter from The Sensible Merchant - Issue #8
By Kevin Hall • Issue #8 • View online
On answering reader questions: “Kevin, what are your political views?”
Aggressively moderate. Unapologetically handsome.
Now onto what I’ve been writing and reading as 8% of Americans across the country take the first step towards dropping out of college - going to college.
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What I've Been Writing
I Don’t Have Student Loans, but I’d Love for the Government to Forgive Them
What I've Been Consuming
#259 - The Reckoning to Come A Conversation with Balaji Srinivasan
Speculation: A Game You Can't Win - More To That
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Kevin Hall

As founder and author of The Sensible Merchant, I read research on the personal finance industry, investor psychology, and technology trends and distill it all down for readers... albeit poorly.

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