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Weekly newsletter from The Sensible Merchant - Issue #6

Weekly newsletter from The Sensible Merchant - Issue #6
By Kevin Hall • Issue #6 • View online
A little sarcastic, a little sassy, and a whole lotta sensible.
Below is what I’ve been writing and consuming as August lights up.
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What I've Been Writing
What I’ve Learned from One Year of Writing a Personal Finance Blog – The Sensible Merchant
What I've Been Consuming
Nas - EPMD 2 feat. Eminem
The stuff they don't teach you in books - The Reformed Broker
Why Don't The Rich Invest In Index Funds? - Fresh Life Advice
Latest Instagram Posts @TheSensibleMerchant
Did you know that cryptocurrencies aren’t classified as securities?
This means they aren’t subject to the wash sale rule.
The wash sale rule applies to securities like stocks to prevent people from selling at a loss, deducting the loss from their capital gains taxes for the year and then buying right back in within 30 days.
Just saying.
Not tax advice.
Enjoy responsibly.
More ways to reduce the fair share of money you pay towards roads, schools, and civil services at
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As founder and author of The Sensible Merchant, I read research on the personal finance industry, investor psychology, and technology trends and distill it all down for readers... albeit poorly.

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