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Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Hey Bats!
Today I wanted to talk about some useful tips I’ve created for those who like to world build in horror or dark fantasy. On my blog, I talk a lot about monsters and what people think about genre.
Here are some topics you might be interested in looking into:
  1. BUILD A CREATURE: 5 Things to Keep in Mind while Building Monsters in Writing
  2. Make your readers SCREAM! Describing the sounds of HORROR – Auditory description ideas
  3. Who, What, WERE – Different types of were-animals (Idea piece for writing)
  4. 5 Ideas for Vampire Powers Outside of the Norm
  5. 10 Flying Animal Vampire Transformation ideas – Something DIFFERENT than bats!
Otherwise, if you’re interested in a magical college, check out my book! Lots of goodies coming from me this year!
As a reminder, my erotica novella anthology is coming out, and you can see that here. Cobratongue University: Professors & Kings: Version 1 (The Cobratongue Saga) eBook : Astor, Des M., Weyler, Luis Gómez : Books
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Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor @TheRealDesastr

Hey bats!

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