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Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Hey bats!
Today I wanted to talk about both where I get my pictures for my blog and my character art. Pixabay is super helpful for free pictures to use, but I also like to credit nowadays in the caption of my blog post where I got the picture. It feels right, and it’s entirely harmless. Artists should get credit, and I firmly believe that.
While the website itself not as extensive for specific things, you usually don’t need to go all out in a blog post for pictures unless you run a photography blog. If you have a good enough camera, by all means, snap some good ones, though!
As for character art, I tend to commission artists I find in various places like twitter. I tend to return to gynesisx (who is a NSFW artist, fair warning! Not exclusively so, granted, given I don’t tend to commission NSFW art) a lot because I love their work. You see examples of their work all over my website, and I use pictures from them of my characters in my blog as well.
Keep in mind if you commission an artist that you do NOT have copyright of the image. That means you can’t make money off of it, can’t put it in merch, and can’t put it on your book. If you want to be able to do so, you need to talk to the artist. Artists tend to have terms of service, which are incredibly important to read. No skipping terms this time!
It’s also wise to be patient with people. Now, if you have a deadline, politely poking every so often (but not too often, like daily) is fine. Maybe weekly at most. I’ve been ghosted for several months at a time by artists, unfortunately(and lost lots of money from that), but have had great experiences as well. I’d go for well-known artists who have other clients as opposed to someone who seems shady. Sadly I know all too well there are some bad apples out there.
That shouldn’t deter you from commissions, not ever, though. Just do your research, be safe, and be respectable to the artist as well. Never be afraid to point out if you need changes on an art piece! A horrible feeling is getting a piece of art you dislike, and the artist will want you to like the piece too. Open communication is key.
Well, there you have it! Hopefully this advice helped :) I’ll have some character art on this post that I enjoy from Gynesis.
Fun Facts from The Kingdoms of Blood:
Sam Viper
Sam’s dragon hoard is actually a growing pile of stuffed animals that she will sleep on, in dragon form, when upset. Hell hath no fury like her when someone tries to steal one. (Yes, Ares has on occasion just to annoy her when he visits the castle. He’s been scorched for this.)”
Ares Arachnida
““The Crows”, or the vampire gang that guards Elapid city, led by Ares, are actually extremely clean. They take good care of the ‘clubhouse’ and split chores, cleaning up after themselves and each other. The place often smells of the forest.”
Goliath Elapid
“Goliath has never been shy around any past lovers, which have all been vampires of any gender. He hasn’t connected with them like he has with Sam, never quite given the chance to live a normal life due to being turned into a political weapon by his father.”
Cecelia Smoke
Despite being fairly nervous in public, Cecelia enjoys going to fairs. She will not do so alone, and needs to be with at least one friend. Luckily, Ares goes with her when she asks, and adores winning her large stuffed animals.”

This is Ares, by Gynesis (link in post!)
This is Ares, by Gynesis (link in post!)
Sam Viper and Darcia Deville, by Gynesis (link in post!)
Sam Viper and Darcia Deville, by Gynesis (link in post!)
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Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor @TheRealDesastr

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