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🦇Gone Batty: DesAstor's Author Updates & Writing Tips🦇 - Short Stories

Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Hey bats,
Short stories can be a great way to get your work out there, but I’ve had very limited success. Not only do they cut into my novel-writing time, but they also aren’t guaranteed to be accepted, and rejections hurt a lot. This is especially the case when a writing piece is specifically tailored to a short story prompt.
All of that said, it still shouldn’t deter you from trying every now and then. I feel pressured a lot myself to do it more, but I’d rather dedicate my writing to novels. I do love writing short stories relating to the novels I’ve already written, which are canon. I hope as I build a fanbase, people are able to enjoy them.
Here is a curation of a few:
  1. Free Short Story: The Crows’ Present
  2. How to Train your Mortals: Halloween “Kingdoms of Blood” Short Story!
  3. Vampire Pranksters: April Fools! [Canon Fun!]
  4. Canon: Vampires playing VtM
I’d love to do more of this sort of thing, and might if I’m ever able to sustain on my writing. That’s a long way going, though, given it’s super hard to build an audience and I’m not great at marketing.
Good luck with your short stories if you decide to write some!
Fun Facts from The Kingdoms of Blood
Goliath Elapid
“Goliath chooses violence at a slightly lesser frequency than Sam, but has no qualms with ripping hearts out of his enemy and eating them. His kill count is far greater than most characters, including Sam, Ares, and Darcia.”
Darcia Deville
Darcia tends to choose the healer or tank in video games, whereas Smoke tends to lean toward melee DPS.”
Robert Smoke
Smoke and Ares are actually best friends, they just have a very interesting, competitive way of showing it.”

Cobratongue University: Professors & Kings
Cobratongue University: Professors & Kings Cobratongue University: Professors & Kings: Version 1 (The Cobratongue Saga) eBook : Astor, Des M., Weyler, Luis Gómez : Books
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Des M. Astor
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