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🦇Gone Batty: DesAstor's Author Updates & Writing Tips🦇 - Relationship Dynamics

Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Hey Bats!
Let’s face it, ships and romantic subplots are a lot of fun if you’re into them. I certainly am. In this issue, I’d love to talk about ship dynamics. Admittedly, my ships are very obvious in my works, but that’s intentional. I don’t like leading the reader on. That said, alternative universe shipping can be excellent and I love hearing about fan ships. I have a few AU ships myself and think about that a lot!
I would say my favorite ship dynamic is enemies to lovers, though it has to be done right. Abuse can’t factor into a non-toxic ship; they have to be on opposite sides of the battlefield, not actually abusing each other beyond that rivalry. Otherwise, it starts to feel weird. This can vary, of course, but there is a difference between battle and attacks for enemy reasons versus your character just simply being abusive. A great example in my case is Robert Smoke x Darcia Deville from my Kingdoms of Blood series.
Friends to lovers can be a lot of fun as well. I haven’t played around with the concept much in my published works, but have some of that idea in my current Work In Progress. I can imagine such a ship can have deep complexities as to not wanting to destroy the friendship, but I always consider my lover a good friend too.
I won’t get much into ‘second chance’ things because I haven’t run into it when reading and would not really support the ship. I don’t like the notion of ‘second chances’ after abuse. Maybe if it was a ‘we were young and just not in love, let’s try again’ without abuse, I’d be fine with it, but otherwise pass.
Finally…love at first sight. Boy is it fun to read even if I don’t believe in it in real life. I like that sort of dynamic, but for me, it needs to be worked into a slow burn for it to be great. The characters can click the first time they meet, but they really should also develop a substantial relationship before going too deep into it.
There you have it! I didn’t expect to dive right in that deeply, but here we are. Hope this gets you thinking a bit on ships!
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Fun Facts from The Kingdoms of Blood
Darcia Deville
“Darcia secretly adores date nights with Smoke, despite the fun she pokes at him from time to time about being a ‘hopeless romantic’.”
Goliath Elapid
“Goliath is a big sap, and will often grow rather gushy at date nights with Sam. He does his best to impress her, but he really doesn’t need to, for she loves him deeply.”
Ares Arachnida
“Ares’s favorite activity is making someone laugh, and he feels this is his purpose in life. He takes the greatest joy in seeing smiles on his favorite people.”

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Des M. Astor
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