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🦇Gone Batty: DesAstor's Author Updates & Writing Tips🦇 - Looking Ahead through April

Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Hey bats!
I’ve prepared most of my promotional material for the month of April, and wow is it a lot. I think I balance Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Tiktok now. Granted, I don’t schedule stuff for Youtube & Tiktok, as that’s a different project related more to my narration than writing.
That said, I also run a blog on wordpress! …and maintain this newsletter. How am I sane still, exactly? Only the gods know!

Above, you can see what I have planned for the month of April. Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you want some super in-depth content regarding worldbuilding. As of now, I’m taking a break from my ‘Deep Dive’ topics due to lack of interest. They take a LOT of research and time to put together! However, the quality of my work there will continue to be top notch. At least according to my personal standards.
Some articles are longer, some are shorter, and all are bits and pieces from my heart & brain at the time.
That said, here’s a graphic I made for my books:
Nabbing quotes from your books might be helpful for your own marketing, especially if you can make it look fancy. The program I use, and have for years, is ‘ribbet’. I know there’s other graphic design sites people use as well, like Canva.
I hope your April goes well! April showers bring may flowers.
Fun Facts from The Cobratongue Saga:
Jasper Arachnida
“Jasper LOVES playing video games and will excitedly explain the stories to his lover, Luna, who might not understand, but listens intently.”
Luna Miller
“Luna adores reading aloud to Jasper and watches his reactions closely to see what he enjoys and what he doesn’t.”
Kelsy Gardener
“Kelsy has ADHD like Ares! Though she can get distracted easily, she has ways of keeping herself on task when she needs to.”
Check out my magical college novel below!
Check out my magical college novel below!
Cobratongue University: Professors & Kings
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Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor @TheRealDesastr

Hey bats!

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