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🦇Gone Batty: DesAstor's Author Updates & Writing Tips🦇 - I've Improved with BOOK TRAILERS!

Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Hey bats!
I’m so excited to discuss how I’ve improved with book trailers over the past couple years. I wanted to toss in what I’ve done and give some advice to writers who might be looking to make their own.

The above link will take you to the trailer I made for my series recently. Bear in mind that I pay for a program (yearly subscription) called Cyberlink Powerdirector. This has been super helpful throughout the years, and I also use it for my narrations channel on youtube. It gives a ton of stock footage and music, which I utilize often.
Like with my blog articles, I also use pixabay (though not as much since I have TONS of stock footage in that program) occasionally.
In this instance, I narrated the bits in my trailer personally. If you’re confident enough to use your own voice for this task, you could use Audacity. It’s a free sound editing software. I’ve looked up ways to make my voice sound cool on youtube through effects, but it’s also about the acting, so be sure to put your heart into it.
Programs aside, though, I paid close attention to trailers I watched for both movies and books to see what I felt fit and hit me hard, versus what I didn’t. I made trailers in the past for my books, which were good, but never this good. Why?
Well, I rewatched my previous trailers and learned from my mistakes. I compared my use of text, particularly the graphic design, to other trailers that looked better. Then, I utilized this knowledge in my current trailer. I also paid attention to how images followed sound cues in the music I used.
All of that said, you could commission someone to do a trailer for you (I’ve done this before) or try to learn yourself. Good luck on either journey if you end up taking it!
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Luna Miller
“Jasper suggested camping at some point, which she likes the idea of. She’s secretly frightened of possible monsters in the woods, but her magic & him will protect her.”
“Hades loves the sound of Kelsy’s voice so much that he remains silent during her long conversations just so he can listen to her.” 
Kelsy Gardener
“Kelsy will talk to Hades for hours about any subject matter and is so thrilled that he enjoys her talking.”
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Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor @TheRealDesastr

Hey bats!

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