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🦇Gone Batty: DesAstor's Author Updates & Writing Tips🦇 - Don't listen to bad writing advice

Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Hey Bats!
This one will be short, but I’ve seen some toxic writing advice floating around every so often and want to remind you that the ‘rule of thumb’ isn’t a ‘you must follow this rule without exception’. Like I said in one of my articles here, making your work cookie-cutter to others isn’t the best idea. Unique ideas should blossom!
Some of the common ones are: Self-publishing is lesser than traditional (not true), you must write all the time & every day (nope, people need breaks and that’s okay), you should have complete silence when writing (some people work better with noise like music).
Stuff like that can make one feel like they’re surrounded by toxic voices, but make sure to use your judgement. Even if an author you love gives advice, it doesn’t mean you have to take the words to heart.
That also means stuff I say.
Advice is meant to be a SUGGESTION, not a RULE. Some folks would do well to remember that!

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Des M. Astor
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